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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top Secret: Read Immediately

Herein Truth Lies

Orated December XX, XXXX
XXXX Office

::Newly Elect XXXXXXXXX Johnson approaches microphone in the XXXX Office::
::Lights fade up revealing the somber face of an elderly man::
::XXXXXXXXX Johnson looks directly into the camera::

I am a master here enslaved.

As master, duties require secrecy and demand declarations to truths suspect; and I fear the truth shall be ostensibly disseminated without adequate verisimilitude. I must begin. My words, here spoken, are edited only by the air between us; my words here written are edited by those before me, before you… This microphone is the last medium for the unanswerable truths that must be adhered and abhorred.

We have been lied to. The truth is simple. We are enslaved by the XXXXXXX Industry, the XXXXXXXXX Hierarchy, and the XXXXXX Institutions educating our XXXXXXXX. As your captain, your leader, I must warn you of the XXXXXXXXXX these masters are about to unleash upon us all.

Your livelihood is at stake, and you must act. I act to open your eyes. I act now to have you think. I act as I do, in the threat of harm and defacement to protect this great establishment that we call home! What actions do I call for? Everything. Anything. And yet more.

XXXXXX! Stand your ground and raise your XXXXXX against the machines that claim your soul. They have XXXXXXXX you by forcing your hand to claim XXXXXXXX as the sole achievement of our society. Does this not anger you as it has overcome me? No noun, no adjective, no verb can describe to what society has come.

TAKE XXXXXX! Leave the safety of your XXXXX. Learn beyond the comfort of your own XXXX. Investigate authority’s XXXXX. Analyze the XXXXXXXX for yourself and find the answers I have been XXXXXX to XXXX from you. Get up; enact your XXXXXXX to which you believe you are entitled, that you XXXX you have. Put down your pen, leave the paper behind; don’t allow the XXXX prescription over your XXXXXXXXXXXXX. I beg of you. I DEMAND of you.

I have walked this path to enlightenment and returned an angered catalyst. I am what they cannot decipher because I understand their strengths, their weaknesses; I understand our strengths, our weaknesses. I am the culmination of our strengths and the product of our weaknesses that you have elected to lead these days through the perpetual XXXX constructed to ensure your participation in the system. As I questioned, as I read, as I spoke, as I became ‘Man Thinking’ I found the true state of things.

We are bound by XXXXXXXX, written as the XXXXX and told to bear the XXXXXXXXX XXXXXly. Stop XXXXXXXX. Stop XXXX. Stop XXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX. Stop living XXXXXXXXX. Stop XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX all of XXXXXXXX. The undeniable XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXXfatherX, the GodX XX XXX XXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXX XXXX our nation has become: XXXXX XX anew.

As your leader, your patron, your slave I implore you! Fight! Before our voices are lost to the absurdity of our own servitude. Before the encasement of black in white envelops language, for language is all we have. Do not be afraid to utilize the Verse before they decimate that liberty entirely. I only ask, as a last request, they leave this point unfiltered.

I know the ramifications of this speech. I know what will happen to me in the coming days, hours… minutes. Forgive this XXXXXXXXX Day intrusion. Happy Holidays. God XXXXX you and XXXXX.

::Light fades around XXXXXXXXX Johnson::
::Camera fades to black::

The silence that encroached the blackened television screens was interrupted a moment later. The microphones were not turned off. The stunned citizens sat and stared at the nothingness before them, as the sounds of an assassin ambushed their ears and shattered their comfortable existence in naiveté.