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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is it hard to write?

I've been struggling recently, trying to come up with a reason why my mind isn't letting me pour my inspiration onto the pages before me. I usually don't have such a hard time once an idea is in my head. Something new came into focus just the other night, and it was wonderfully creative and beautifully invigorating, but the words won't match the images inside my head; thus I cannot write what I wish to disseminate from my visions. This made me think.

Is it hard to write? Writing has always come easy it me, much the same way other subjects have always come easy to me: math, science, psychology, music, literature, etc. You name it and my hand can probably grasp the subject within a matter of sessions without too much thought. Then again, once we get into deeper areas of a new subject, I may struggle; but that does not mean I won't understand it given proper processing. Right now, however, there is a distinct lacking in my ability to form the words for the pictures inside my head. My internal dictionary hasn't diminished, my imagination hasn't retarded, my inspiration hasn't vanished. What else then?

I'm focusing so much on my ability to comprehend mathematics right now. Perhaps this is changing my ideal structures in my brain patterns which isn't allowing me access to the most important areas to my life. I only say that these are the most important because writing truly makes me happier than almost anything else. Being able to write down words that inspire people to see what I envision makes me so happy.

Not only am I struggling in my ability to write, but I'm also having a hard time in Physics (another subject I thought I could easily apply my brain and nearly instantly understand the concepts and apply them to any scenario I desired). I'm beginning to believe this is how people feel when a teacher asks them to write a paper on a given subject; or rather, on any subject of their choosing. I feel lost in Physics most of the time. I understand the words my professor says and I see the math he uses, but I don't get why he chooses the equations he's utilizing or how their application is relevant to the scheme he's weaving. It's mind numbing; and he knows most of us are lost in the muck of his over-intelligent promulgations of Physics.

I believe I'll understand it here soon, when I have enough time once again to focus my life away from work (and yes I attribute my lack of time to me having two jobs. I'm crazy, I know...). I believe this the same way I believe everyone has the intrinsic ability to write, and to write well, creatively, and beautifully. We all need time to understand ourselves first, and then we need time to apply what we've discovered to the subject at hand (without stressing ourselves out). Once we know ourselves and have our time, then we can truly excel at what we want or need.

So yes, writing is hard, as any subject is truly difficult to master. And yes, I may be in a dry spell at the moment while I try to rearrange my life. It makes me sad... And I don't want to be sad about my inability to write freely like I did a few months ago. Perhaps 'discussing' this issue will help pull the stopper out of my mind and the dam will flow freely through the hole. Here's to hoping!

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