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J Hart F

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Giddiness of Love's First Glances

Was it not a gentle eye to be sought
where canvas of love's truth is wrought
and in a counted sequence makes
the footsteps' course that hearts do take?
There he comes in swaggerous form
belying confidence through quiet horns;
trumpetting praise in crystalled eye
perceived the harshest in the night
and most at peace by brightest moon
whose rays we mirror in fragile swoons.
For shame do we allow our hearts to feel
the darkest part of night before appeal
in words that quest beyond the sigh,
but not, we pray, receive a nigh.
Alas, walk on 'til gentle speaks
of deeper thoughts that make us weak
without the last begotten phrases
to loves' ever forgotten hazes.


  1. Ooooooh!! It reminds me a bit of Poe!! I freaking LOVE me some Poe (fo' sho?)

  2. Dear Josh's Blog,

    I remember when you were always there for me. Lately you seem distant and I see you less frequently. Is there someone else?