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J Hart F

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sinusoidal Love

Oscillation deepens and arises without expectations, in resonance with the unbelievable and indeterminate existence of love. A continuous smiling, frowning, slanting, curving, transient deliverance of emotional instability within the ever-periodical complications of the equilibrium between the constant resonance frequencies of two components. The worry is of damping, of constantly diminishing ‘til the static-existent equipoise allows new sources of oscillation to appear away, apart, and against the original functioning love. This is desired, wanted, needed in order for fulfillment in life; love’s exponential fantasy falls in ruinous turns further down the line, like star crossed lovers doomed to perish within days of meeting. Thus the sinusoidal experience of hills and valleys, ever repeating until the moment of Euler's appearance changing the consistency of repetition to the slow diminished capacity of the curve's oscillations. A void such as this, where ground is covered under the frequency throughout the inherit time of love's movements, must be filled with something. A new graph of love, a new existence of oscillation, a new sinusoidal pattern of rise and fall in equal measure. We have all felt it. We all know of its curses and blessings. The only remaining factor is what to place in the depended variable to create a viable solution to the desires and aspirations of one's heart?

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  1. I think I understand - but I'd like you to dumb it down for me a little just to be sure