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Monday, March 8, 2010

Demise of My Immediate Health

First of all, I would like to apologize to my readers. Life has forced me to establish a routine in which stress relief has been minimal and the freedom of thought has been stunted. Those of my friends who know what's going on... you can probably skip over this whole post. However... to enlighten others as to why my posts are a little darker recently, I shall explain the recent events in covert ways...

Here it goes...

About a month ago, something happened at my place of employment which sent my manager on a tyrannical rage to destroy the atmosphere created by the employees several years ago. And we're talking about four years now, if I may presume. I've only been at this job for about a year and a half now, and have thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie freely displayed and encouraged. However, the occurrence which sparked this desire within my boss was inflated to a proportion uncanny to the store.

Rumors began to fly everywhere, walls were built and quickly destroyed (attempts at separating, dividing, and punishing my co-workers), and the overall atmosphere degraded so completely it started to bleed into my everyday life. Concerns were brought up and quickly a resistance was formed. At least, it was a subconscious resistance which stemmed from honest friendships and love. Our fears for security, our respect for friends, our desire for the truth has driven individuals into isolated frenzies against the oppression which has overtaken the workplace. The resistance of everyone clawing for their own peace, their own justice, their own comprehension and honesty.

The cannon fire happened a week ago (give or take a few days), and since then the shadow of stress has smothered my thoughts and inspiration so completely, I haven't even been able to read at night before I fall asleep. The words on the page linger ominously in dimmed lighting and my eyes simply close before I realize the situation has become so tiresome. The sleep that comes is restless and tiring... and after a solid week of this I have become sick.

I was hoping I could utilize these emotions and create a beautiful sequence for my story that I'm working on, but my mind simply turned off after the first few paragraphs which led to an actual event in the storyline. I was truly sad... I still am, that I can't continue the story with cohesive integrity to the characters and plot. Even though this installment is meant to be abstract and interesting, my mind wouldn't allow the words to flow freely. I'm not one to force inspiration and creativity...

Anyway, my writing has been quick little poems and dense prose. I felt the need to explain this before I posted them. Now you might understand the 'unhealthiness' of my writing currently, and I only say 'unhealthiness' because it is a bit darker and more sinister than some of my other stuff. Perhaps... And simply getting my feelings and thoughts out into the world helps me understand what I'm thinking... Anyway...

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