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J Hart F

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eva's Summer Day

Eva sits comfortably on the ground; the grass gently tickling her calves where her dark green pants were rolled up. Wearing no shoes had stained her feet green from walking on the warm grass. Summer had sprung vibrantly on the eastern plains; the rich greens bright after the long and sodden autumn-less winter. With the sun came life, and life is where Eva thrives.

The bounty of joy exuded by Eva made winter bearable, no matter its length and vivacity. Now, the consistency of happiness is replenished and her wants for the inner peace that swaying stalks, whispering leaves and singing birds can provide is witnessed away from the traveling lives. The sun's warm hands rest over he body, darkening the skin whose color was leeched by the falling clouds. Joy, happiness, gaiety, and peace warmed from without on an empty plain with trees casting soft havens of shade. A creek trickles over soft stones beneath the tree, sifting gently to the East; inspiring a calm rejuvenation in the heart for growth through the warmest times.

With a warmed back and enriched heart, Eva stands and walks toward the tree to find her next steps in peace. The earth below her felt cool in the broken shade from the grass. The soil gives way to the subtle pressures from Eva's steps, but fills the space once more as she moves on again. Her presence is one with the surrounding nature, as ever she wanted.

Stepping into the shade of the tree, whose head filled every inch in its branches, the cool air brushed feather like on Eva's cheeks; releasing the touch of the sun. The sweet smell of warmed flowers and the green scent of creek water mingle in the underside of the canopy. She sits down and places her back to the sturdy trunk, welcoming its rough body to massage her sun baked shirt.

She takes a deep breath, relaxing her shoulders and tasting the air around her. The gentle wave of life overcomes Eva as she sways with the slow turning of the world. Silence broken only by truth and its reality permeates everything around her. However, this truth is something Eva understands far too well. The truth of her own world was created by herself, and always has she been able to bend its will to the sanctity of bliss. That's why she smiles; why the sound of laughter and giggles coincides with her existence and company. Even alone, Eva can't help laughing.

The giggle escapes her again, under the restful vacation she occupies. Birds chirp along with it and the creek seems to intensify slightly, trickling its music along with her happiness. Relaxed, Eva sits forward from the trunk of the tree and lifts her hand in front of her face; turns it over and examine all sides of it. Eventually, she makes a fist with her thumb sticking out. She wiggles it and smiles to herself. The air lifts a little more, pulsing with the warmth of the summer day and cooling again in the shade. A breeze drifts by, lifting stray hairs from her head and drawing them to the east as it travels away from the distant mountains.

Eva moves her hand slowly toward the ground, placing the thumb upon an open patch of dirt. Everything becomes still, but the beautiful music of nature continue through the pause; the tickling gurgle of the stream in harmony with the lilting calls of the birds and the hushed voices of the leaves. As the moment passes, Eva lifts her thumb off the ground, relaxes her hand and looks at the yellow flower that has appeared so suddenly. Rapture echoes across the fields and the birds take flight from the tree above Eva: blues and golds and blacks fluttering into the open sky above the green fields, the brown dirt, and the clay beds of the creek.

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