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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great Poetry in Trigonometry

Trigonometry has been an interesting source of inspiration recently. It has consistently been a place to start writing the next installments for "The Changed Earth" and is a wonderful place to laugh a lot. I sit next to a great friend, and we joke occasionally about life and what we're attempting to learn. Sometimes I feel it's my fault he's not doing so well in Trig... Admittedly, I learn math a lot faster than some (if not most) people and then get bored and start chatting when I should be not chatting so they can assimilate the same information.

Regardless, today was especially hilarious. He asked me to write him a poem, since we had stopped learning and were watching our Russian instructor do examples of what he had already taught thoroughly. So, I wrote him this poem:

To Jordan

There once was
a boy.
He liked
the mountains and trees.

I burned them.

He didn't like it. Said it was overly mean, and I attempted to tell him it was a post-modern poem: meanings lost in words that don't signify exactly what they mean, leaving this poem for an interpretation void of the original surface meaning. Regardless... he texted me moments later:

"Im bored. I hate u."

I was quite hurt, I must admit. I texted back "You hurt me" and tore back the poem I had originally wrote him. I was going to write him a very real piece which expresses my emotions toward him specifically. I wrote:

A tear,
falling softly within the heart...
Words that should
not harm
are driven by bones.

Solitude of mourning,
when light is harshest,
the hopeful yearning of

A tear,
I cry at your light.
Will hearts meet in
without the pain I feel?

Your lash stings skin.

Then he said "this is sad" and I explained that it's how his words made me feel. We had a good laugh over it; still I felt it was a powerful poem. There's more underneath what was written that even I can't accurately express. And perhaps it's really fear of acknowledging deeper expressions that only one person in my life actually knows.'s there. Teehee. Perhaps on Monday, there will be even more writing inspired from mathematical exercises.

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