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Monday, April 5, 2010

Dougy Fresh

Driving away from my house, John says sarcastically, "Beat me with your meat! Eww -- It's all over me!!!" imitating the reaction of meat oozing out of a package onto his face... much like something else.

We laugh, remembering the 5 pound roll of ground beef stuffed into a tight plastic package... you fill in the naughty joke... We laugh for a few minutes as I drive towards Taco Bell. "Alright, alright. Lets go get some cheap meat shoved into a meat wallet," I say while trying to stop laughing. He giggles in return.

The windows are down, allowing the warm spring air to fly through my car, refreshing our enthusiasm for the upcoming summer. Remembrance of the cold from the previous day's morning was lost to the future, and the sexual jests came alive again with the rebirth of youth.

Our comfort with these vagaries wasn't infallible to every outside influence, which quickly became apparent. The irony wasn't lost to me.

John is one to always share jokes, regarding every topic regardless the consequences at times. People's boundaries are pushed, their minds can be stretched, and the shock value is always there. As Kelly once said, "When he said that, my mouth dropped and I couldn't help but laugh! He'll joke about anything, won't he? Just like Chad." And it's true.

Well, as we make our way up Kohl Street, named after the elementary school which was only four blocks away, I saw a familiar face. Dougy Fresh was walking up the sidewalk coming toward us. Since my windows were down and no one was behind me, I pulled over and yelled, "DOUGY FRESH!"

It took a second to recognize me, obviously seeing John in the passenger seat. "Hey boys! How's it going?" he said as he came over to my car. Leaning against the door, Dougy Fresh asked, "Where are you guys headed?"

"Home. What are you doing?"

"Looking for some pussy."

John's head jerked around, shoulders tensing slightly as he leaned away from Dougy Fresh.

I laughed. "Oh Dougy! Are you finding any?"

"Well, you know, road kill is kinda gamy. But you are what you eat!"

John moved away ever so slightly again. I saw more of his irises than normal as he stared with shock at Dougy Fresh.

Dougy started moving away from the car, obviously pleased with his ability to jest with the youngsters. "Well, Good Luck with your hunt, Dougy!" I laugh along with him.

Finally letting a bit of a chuckle out, John said goodbye to Dougy as he started walking away. I drove off, bringing back the winds of the spring afternoon into my car, still laughing at how wonderful Dougy Fresh was for being able to shock John into silence. His phone practically leaped out of his pocket so he could text the only person who would understand his plight: Gracie-Loo Freebush.

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  1. Yayyyy Josh, I finally figured out that I needed to set this up with a different email address so now I can actually log in and comment. I enjoyed reading your Dougy Fresh story. I can almost feel the sexual playfulness between you and John (figuratively of course hehe). I don't know Dougy, but I feel after reading this that I have a very good idea of the type of person he is. You did a great job expressing the feelings you had at that time. This is one of my favorite sentences... "His phone practically leaped out of his pocket so he could text the only person who would understand his plight: Gracie-Loo Freebush." Well done! :clap clap clap: