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Friday, April 2, 2010

Removal: Creation of Appreciation

Alone in a house, staring through a window whose shutters slant against the sharpness of the evening sun, I couldn't help but suddenly feel the internal longing to be out of doors. The warmth of spring permeated the air, white clouds billowed ominously to the north, the rays striking through the underbelly of the storm in lances of gold, and green beginning to peek through the brown hairs of the earth. I despised standing in a winder with such a wonderful view, and suddenly the air started to shift a little stronger. The edges of the northward storm started unsettling the peace of the quiet neighborhood which had already felt the springtime tears dampen the reborn atmosphere. This caught my eye, and I couldn't break the gaze I had adopted.

The branches, bare and budding, waved to me. A spell descended so abruptly; serenity overwhelmed my despair, anxiety, doubts and detestation. Nature controlled me.

And I was gone, swaying with the twigs attempting to grasp the moving air as it continued eastward at higher velocities than normal. The feeling of oneness, security, reason, and direction came over me. I was happy; strangely happy after a day of searing white anger at the unnecessary waste that a certain irrational being committed. Nature embraced me and soothed the stress away.

For a moment; a moment I wish had lasted longer.

But this made me realize something. I have lost sight of nature; the thing that is my tool for regenerating and setting myself back into myself. I'm stuck in a house that allows the sight of the world, and yet removes me from its reality. Not a very happy place for me to be normally; like being happy on the exterior while my inner emotions are trapped behind windows that desire that happiness they see without.

Thus, I've decided I shall sit outside for a while each day and appreciate what I see in order to reconnect with what I've lost. May it be!

1 comment:

  1. This is totally the best idea you've had!

    (unless you're the one who came up with the 'sandal flask')
    (if you did - you need to hook me up . . . )

    you'll let us all know what goes on in your head when you're recharging, yes?