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J Hart F

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Mystery Passes All Everyday of Life

One mystery passes all everyday of life.
We see It small, we make It large,
we feel It whole,
and know Its emptiness;
on every level It exists;
for inanimates
to the blood,
given conditions
and hopeful for none,
in fleeting moments,
lasting forever,
and cherished in Its opponent.
Those who study the science of minds
play at Its causes,
pointing, prodding, and persecuting Its will,
regardlessly splaying with rules and logic,
while people struggle accepting
Its sublime
manner ebbing and flowing in westward winds,
swaying in lingo to strengthen or destroy,
fighting in lyrics of truth and
climbing down the tree of forebearers.

It is available to all who desire,
at any stage, any strength, any time,
yet many fight It
or hate It
or find jealousy in Its stead.
A memory full may explain these:
tears of both provoked
in joy or rage or hurt or purity...

I find It through beauty,
first in myself and then without,
in moments of laughter,
relinquished through tears,
gazing into celestial eyes,
between the pages of life,
surfacing through gestures,
painted across melodic words,
shelved in the histories,
broken by wars of mind,
and mended with a shy smile.
It depletes me until I'm full,
and still I want more.
Changing from day to seconds
and shifting Its defining characters with each glance.
Today it's the same, tomorrow It changes,
the next is back, and after death
It's reborn in flames of passion.

The trials It gives uniquely strive
for individual sights within a scheme
designed for hearts.

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