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J Hart F

Friday, April 8, 2011

And she asked:

Is there disjunction between love and sand?

Thank you for your question. Where they together before? I believe they go hand in hand, for sand is bitter and abrasive like love's jilted tongue after truth saturates the bitter brokenness of afterward. Sincerely, they must have been together simply because the pains embedded in love's fickle existence rubs like sand in a wound when things turn sour on the eye. In order for disjunction, then, there must be resolution to the sorrow and wallowing of the thoughts circulating the mind's survival. Disjunction is what we desire! And with it, love is happy and joyful, new and fresh, beautiful and free.

Pulling them apart makes the deathly existence of sand leave the liveliness of love. I've just discovered this. I've only just come to the realization that love isn't sand, and disjointed the combination so easily attained when I fell in love with someone unavailable. Sand... oh sand. The ode to sand continues, as love leaves and washes itself off; reborn in the flames of passion and infatuation.

That's it! The disjunction comes with fiery infatuation. Let's go find that connection!

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