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J Hart F

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Sundering

I guess I never knew
or realized
it     actually


catching your breath
          in vicegrips

s   q   u   e   e   z   i   n   g
                until the cavity feels
               infinite and infinitesimal.
          There's no room
          for beating, for breathing
          eating. - -

No space for me, or the void that was left,
nor the elephant stampeding
on the corners of
heart shards.

                                    I am slag
                             A remnant of me
                      useless, scrapped
                left over material
                from a forging by my own hands

maybe not
in time with secret motions --

     antithesis of everlasting

Shades are luminous in a way
only C.S. Friedman knows
          how to describe.
                     Unlight - dark fire
                     Searing through to an inner dimension
                            it   f   o   s
                                   l   w

     like the ocean:
          moments of elation,
                  merest of seconds --
     the mouthful of salt
     gags until the hope feels lost.

Natural light has a half life distance
of 18 feet once under the surface of the sea.

This unlight is overwhelming
     ever-always feeding the boa
     caressing and soothing
          my emotions.

Wake me!
     Ice water surprise.
          He won't be able to love me,
          lest his own love leaves
          self-inflicted tortures.

I am the oasis
               No man dares to know perfection
       Time is unforgiving.

                         I never realized...

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