You have entered the realm of a writer.

Welcome to A Writer's Landscape!

You have entered the realm of my mind where words play with the fabric of our existence. This is the map of my imagination: the very foundations of inspiration, musing, and thought splayed for your wandering eyes. Dive deep into the tides of these forces and experience my reality, my fantasy, my world; and if you should be so inclined, share your words with this land.

Peace and Love!

J Hart F

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air
Quaint little villages here and there..."
     I am, I truly am:
- quiet - relaxing - sensual - familiar -
          that which is long longed for
          ever desired within -
               treasured in golden hue
               beaming like nightly pictures -

     But what?! What...?
- left in condition - no clause -
          closure left with notes
          seeping the dream to contemplate -
               snow outside mindsight
               ice straight to my heart -
Fond are the challenges you leave me here
I can't even sing of loving without despair...

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