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J Hart F

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Private Sunrise

The sunshine bellows in the face of bitterness. Something about its smile chases away delicate strands of imperceptible decay registering in the deepest recesses of the heart. Sunshine: a beacon of understanding, of life, of joy, of infinite possibility confronted by jealous darkness. The clash is almost always won by the daemon of day, even when blankets smother the skies with sodden moods. There is and always shall be the complicated balance of shadows and wakening, of which waking even in dim solitude persists just as the sun rises permanently in the east; and with mourning morning’s arrival, the dread of moments past must diminish in the west like violet tendrils spotted with glitter.

Isn’t that the truth: a sparkling warmth of torture. It is easier to remain in darkness, easier to chide the day-lit faces of others, easier to lay your body down, easier than pulling back the suffocating curtains and adjusting your eyes. The night appears infinitely more beautiful in its anxious moments spliced with worried faces and tender words juxtaposed to the brightness and clarity of our waking hours. Ultimately, we mistake the comfort of cold for the cozy warmth necessary for life to proceed.

Days go by, the stars shine in their attributed luminosities, weather changes regardless; but until the crest of smiling breaks the visage of our essences stagnation will prevent the morning glories from greeting the Eastern shores. Benevolence exists within ourselves for ourselves without the sun, truly. Day crests with or without the fiery intensity of our own happiness; but the night will remain unless something is changed.

Today is one of those moments when it feels impossible to redress the overwhelming possibilities of failure. Sub-zero biting chills swoop like bitterns with piercing eyes. Even the sun can’t warm the skies, can’t melt the slick Road before our doors, can’t awaken the mist-filled forest before our hearts. Herein lies the challenge: What to wear in the face of such harshness?

The answer circles around, circles around, and circles to one point, just like the sun’s warming rays: a smile.

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