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J Hart F

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Essence of the Universe (Part 1)

In the quiet of itself,
the nether of its being,
the claustrophobic void of which
it is
the Essence thought.
At peace with
the silence after eternity thus far,
finding it impossible to remember
anything before anything and
wondering if
anything truly was

the Essence thought and dreamed;
the creativity and knowledge obtained
by being and knowing but perhaps
never experiencing,
or experienced
such longtimes ago forgotten
now a source
of comfort.

A rumbling,
majestic and beautiful came
from within and without
the Essence,
building harmony in sound and
light, a cacophony from
a bang
from nothing wrought
the light and beauty of
its self
filled the silent nether

And of this naught, in its light,
the jewels glistened into being.
Darkness was no more and the
Essence wandered
through these littered expanses of
its mind.
Wondering, Pondering, until boredom
overcame the thrill of distance.

Here, as oft it did, or never had,
a reflection of its mind the
Essence saw
and it fell into awe once more:
An eternity within an eternity,
the infinite expanse within the
infinite expanse
one mind within a mind.
Thus, reality formed
And the Essence became all,
And nothing,
and more.

The realization of self came surprisingly,
as a nova blows and flashes and
the Essence now birthed, perhaps
again, or never,
and found the expanses of expanses
quantifying the moments of there
to here with none but it to know.

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