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J Hart F

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Silent Observation

It's quiet.

The music overcoming the conversing individuals while the oven's fan whirs in a constant cadence without release. Steaming milk bursts through the air like sonic booms and the grinding blades crushing the coffee beans numbs the inner ear. Even the muffled thud of the refrigerators opening and closing is part of the gentle atmosphere. Cars speeding past, honking their horns at the start of rush hour, penetrate the cell phone chatter of the tech-savvy businessmen.\

It's quiet.

Sitting in a chair alone by the window is a writer, quickly jotting down the words to some inexplicable rambling overwhelming his mind. Neither happy nor sad, his face gazes endlessly at the black on white as it spreads in indecipherable scribbles. His head rests awkwardly in hand, legs crossed, back bent in a gentle arc over the table, all the while holding no perception of the environment around him.

It's quiet.

The breeze rustles a lonely tree standing over dead grass; naked against the twilight. No one appreciates its uniqueness, its sorrow, its sleep. They walk past with no acknowledgment of the possibilities which grow slowly before the concrete paths. Germinating over the ages to fulfill the bounty nature has ensured despite the toxic humans' manipulating its breath. But now it rests; a symbol for eternity of regardless destinations in constant lives.

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  1. This is beautiful. It makes me think of something from an old movie thats always stuck with me . . .