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J Hart F

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Particulars of Perplexities I Place Myself

Acting in ways of morally sound judgment raises the perceived weight carried through and through, as if protecting one aspect over another. The thought of which is a better prospect to protect remains the struggle for which my mind wages, or rather waged till early this morning, to find proper allocation of value in the needed hierarchy where the issue resides. Between intimate and faculty, who reigns of higher import where morality and ethics come to play? Where lives are affected beyond this realm and unto the personal, what decisions matter greatly of chaste towards the environment in question? The former has occupied my perception of righteousness for months, it seems; the enjoyment of knowing amiability amongst fellow proletarians has ever been a treasured commodity and fervently sought throughout my developed life. The latter, however, caused the whole contrariety in the argument for pure ethics in its own arena. Since my beginnings with this berth, the equating of the whole by two of its subordinates has festered intolerability towards the majority. Thus, my acknowledgment of right-doing on the premise of ethics has allowed a swaying of actions within the situation. Rebelliousness is surely enjoyable when discontent and disheartenment prevail the morale amongst peers; and perhaps the matter of contention is a causatum of these reactions. Well, knowingly it is. Then is it not a service to lance the figures on both ends and rebuild the environment with intentions of the necessary? Furthermore, are the benefactors of my actions viewed less through their perception of my eyes than of actuality from thought? I pray not, for the love I feel remains whole even when the conscious effort towards the ameliorated deem the circumstaces be had. Unfortunate circumstances which pound the heart to think of descriptions to the reality. Forgive, oh my spirit needs forgiveness despite the befitting and moral commitment forged over the air. Perchance it is an absolution I give myself... an understanding of the requirments of my responsibility to the community such that thriving persists beyond the seemingly simple hurdle placed conivingly near. Then I must not dwell until the mount is reached and the gates are opened, providing a sound existence to my doubts. May it be.

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