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Peace and Love!

J Hart F

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Is Held Amongst Friends

Subtle breath holding weight of the soul
slips out beyond the concealing lips, soft flesh
holding back the jagged cliffs dripping to
consume the morsel twisting for freedom.
Revealing tears the seal concealing notice
within a world perceived secure sans
adversity. Gauze over a wound gushing its
tears in violent rivers of red, beneath the
armor of fashion; No pressure alleviates
the doubt of actions past, when knife trembles
in mind. The seam sought quickly
bursts despite its resolve, and a newness
replaces the cracks in the surface.
Trees thrusting past the mantle to stand
honest and steadfast, realizing its own truth
by breathing softly and allowing the
subtle breath holding weight of the soul
to slip out beyond the concealing lips.

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