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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Wise Man Asked of Me

A wise Man asked of me,
"What do you want?"
Numb were my thoughts
Hungry was my heart
Too quickly I answered
"To be happy."

The word, though it was said,
left chasms through my world
where meaning left cause,
images were wordless
and something deeper looked around
to say

"There is more, so much more,
more than this or that could say!
To be is to be without,
the need for joy can lead
but what is wanted ensures
a path away."

To be happy. Be Happy!
The question rethought
to what I may want in
life? In love? For me?
So I am not happy
right now...

What do I want?
Petty material last of the least,
No joy has come of it.
Money, as things, is loved
and leaves us lost.
Without, no less.

Of love I have, hold
dear and truth, as any would.
Respect is earned throughout,
treasured with honesty and desire.
But I am not happy
right now...

Then Dreams. My Dreams.
True Dreams.
Respected love for being of
aspiration and goals to
fulfill the depths of my

The wise Man will ask me
"What do you want?"
Mind smiling with care,
I shall say with vigor,
thoughts beckoning the truth
of complexity:

"I want my dreams;
to be myself
and hold my words
and know their permanence
to teach the Earth
to be as one."

I wonder then,
what will he ask me now?

1 comment:

  1. Life's not said to exist on rules,
    Of farmer's land and lover's jewels
    View not the sky with empty heart
    Joy in the playing of perfect part
    Fact to find and freedom's rest
    Serious laughter, jest earnest
    Artist's hand and writer's heart
    intentions lain or courses chart
    Dance if steps within thee be
    Being "happy" comes with such fee
    While fullness and success
    more dependent on long-standing, joy
    set one free
    Find your plot in author's key