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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Quick Glance of a Sign.

"Truth Is! Lies Have to be Made Up."

An interesting sign, to say the least. It drives home a point which people feel universal and meaningful, on a deeper sense. We, as humanity, strive for truth. We want to know that what we know is the absolute, the right, the incontestable. But I have to laugh, slightly, at the location of this delicious sign. A church of a faith that possibly surfaced a mere six hundred years ago. This is the truth they wish to convey. A truth, I'm sure, they will use to define the lies of other faiths; by which they will then justify their interpretation of a book created by man.

Now there's a sticky subject, and forgive me for saying these things which may incur a sense of offense. I am merely bringing up facts. This book was written in ages past. Written by Man. Not just one man from one point of view where a higher powered being supplemented its thoughts into this one man, but written through the voices of many men throughout a vast period of time. Each time they wrote, they invoked the opinion of what this high power bestowed upon them: Stories, Myths, Abstract Laws, etc. So then...was this book then not "Made Up"? Therefore the very premise that this "Truth" is the one and only through the "Made Up" interpretations of dead-guys we can't communicate with is somewhat contradictory. Ah, how language has betrayed us.

And another point: Language. Is language not "made up", and do we not use language to define the very world around us through definitions and interpretations constructed by the very words which were created by man? Therefore, language must be a lie; and so must everything else that man has built: music, culture, politics, buildings, breeding, standards, clothing... the list goes on. I feel this also proves the fallibility of this book many hold so dear. It is constructed of everything man has made, and there isn't physical proof of its existence beyond our plain of existence. "Truth Is! Lies Have to be Made Up."

And perhaps I'm over analyzing a sign meant to inspire people; but isn't the job of marketing people to think of these aspects as thoroughly as a person who drives by and sees the sign twice a day for 20 seconds total, in the hopes of attracting new worshipers to their religion. I digress. I shall leave the rest of the thought process to your discretion...

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