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J Hart F

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Determining The Heart's Muse

Stepping lightly by cloudy airs
the whiteness falls to certain doom
like glancing eyes with shadowed sights
on beauty desired beyond the right;
With kingly rule of determined heirs
no spade of hearts controls the room
where sunny laughs brighten eyes
beyond the shelter of known lies.

But the blanket seems gentle enough
where snow's falling grace's cease
to cover what is believed in love
where clarity did fail to shove
a delicate heart firmly in the rough
to a peaceful land with understanding ease
that answered the benign quest
of heartaches' undifferentiable jest.


  1. This sounds pretty - plus I LOVE me some good rhymin'!
    Of course I don't understand its message (lets face it, anything tougher than Shel Silverstein is probably going to be lost on me) but I still have a favorite part.

    Ready? Its the spade of hearts line.


  2. I REALLY need to stop reading your blog (or at least stop commenting!)

    Do you SEE how ridiculous I look?

    I'm like one step away from "me like poem"