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J Hart F

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Caution Inward Told

Caution inward told.
The balance tipped by coffee stained
eyes - grounded, scalded,
filtered. The subtle touch
of amour in swallowed
temptation contaminates reverie with smiles.
Both see sound sheering
and want the pillowed feathers to lift
untouch -- drown.
To be overwhelmed, overcome by salted waters -
covered by sweet sprays flitting
on beached breezes,

He whispers unconscious thoughts
--I trust you--
chords run deeper, vibrate in tune
the vowels of shattered porcelain
whose pieces dig into soles
treading a treacherously torturous
path - healing with opened wounds.

The blood stained roses
better than cough syrup, sugar coated
simple tablets rolling in
turbulent acids as lips fold each
other -- dancing on the sinusoidal
crests of heart hoped salves
basting the cautioned hands.

I goosebump under his strength.
His eyes glaze over, teeth
clench like fingers wanted
of release. Abandoned inhibitions fly
like breath on the ear
--I trust you--
He enters, balancing, careening,
oscillating --
and plants seeds of addiction
in my battered heart.
I trust you.

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