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You have entered the realm of my mind where words play with the fabric of our existence. This is the map of my imagination: the very foundations of inspiration, musing, and thought splayed for your wandering eyes. Dive deep into the tides of these forces and experience my reality, my fantasy, my world; and if you should be so inclined, share your words with this land.

Peace and Love!

J Hart F

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Forging Hearts

The once subtle ground pushes insight forward
into indigo painted deserts flush with
distant dreams flashing as stars bound by
time's allusioned memory: lovingly, tragically,
delicately broken. Loneliness prickles like
desolate skin fractured by scorpion tales.

Rain feels welcome, dashing from eyes like
torn wounds singing violin longings to
celestial curtains dropping upon the scars of
history folded under clouded oasis springs.

Floods caress like aloe drops pooling among
clasped fingers, reviving the lusting Moon.

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