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J Hart F

Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Whom It May Concern;

To Whom It May Concern;

Seasonal transitions are usually a challenge, especially from winter to spring. The intense desire for permanently beautiful days with the threat of spring showers drives me crazy when faced with reality that winter isn't quite over. I feel like many people feel the same way. We hear about colder temperatures, the possibility of snow, and the need for warm clothes and we suddenly feel disheartened and long for summer, if not spring. Day by day we wait by the window and hope to see the peaking bulbs, timidly arresting the ground as they sprout to see the lengthening days. We walk our dogs with jackets on, protecting us from bitter winds, and look at the half-green grass trying to bring us growth for lack of snow. We see the sun breaking night apart earlier with each stride and expect the crisp air to breathe warmth into our bones; but find the chill lingering like frigid tendrils slipping down our collars.

What little relief we have comes to us at home. My solution rests in jars: candles imitating the effervescent essence of spring fragrances brightening my closed windows. Inside I experience spring through a Yankee Candle jar sitting on my coffee table, flame dancing in the delicate flux of transitioning air releasing my Early Sunrise scent. Sometimes I'll add some Fresh Cut Roses to really simulate a fresh spring morning, and it makes my day feel bright from the moment I get up. This is what I recommend for every reader out there: Go pick up a candle and change the atmosphere in your house! Illuminate your inspiration! Find that breath of fresh air and release it. If candle's aren't your thing, find a reed diffuser or electric plug-in to change the air, invigorate your senses, and bring your world into the fields of fresh spring air! It really helps with those cabin fever symptoms.


J Hart F

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