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Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

This is me, listening to music and wearing red on St. Patty's Day
It's a day of green, the day of drinking and pride in Irish heritage, the day of celebrating St. Patrick's work at ridding the Isle of snakes.

I'm not so proud of such occurrences. Unfortunately, the snake's of St. Patrick's day have been theorized to be the Pagans, Druids, and Wiccans of the day. I am Pagan, claiming Wicca though I simply call myself a witch. Since today is the day to wear green, I'm wearing as much red as I can! I have a bunch of (RED) products which I have chosen to wear: an INSPI(RED) shirt and a HAMME(RED) scarf. I chose to wear my black sweater to give me a little buffer against the onslaught of inquisitive glances and glares that have been flying my way.

I enjoy the abstract attention that's circulating my appearance today. I dress like this most of the time anyway, skipping to my own fashion style along the walkways of CU-Boulder. Today, I've noticed many green walking about (another Ironic representation, as the color of paganism in my mind is green: growth, abundance, nature, etc.) and a few abstaining members, though they're not necessarily wearing red like me. I'm a sore thumb in the societal expectation. It's hilarious.

Though I chose to purposefully disregard (or regard) the fashion trends of this day, St. Patrick's Day, I do enjoy participating in its celebrations. It's not truly about the banishment of pagans in contemporary times. St. Patty's day is about drinking! Being with friends. Pretending you're Irish for a day (which I wouldn't mind doing all the time, but I don't look Irish at all...). Should anyone ask why I'm wearing red on a day of green, I will more than happily explain the motivation for such stylistic choices today.

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY TO YOU! (as long as you aren't trying to banish me!)

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  1. Happy St. Patty's to you too! I for one, love this day, because I'm ACTUALLY Irish. And yes, I'm wearing green - granted it was on accident - I just grabbed a green shirt and my roommate saw me and was like "Oh yeah, happy st. patrick's day". See, I told you I'm actually Irish - I have Irish intuition. But I love the fact that you put so much thought and meaning into your clothing choices. It's fabulous.

    Miss you!