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J Hart F

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scientific Infatuation

This is a non-linear, dynamic system of binary companionship. Here it sits, equating two forces of attraction wrapped in matters of affection. Fortunately, the substance is irreversible, is uncontrollable, is so desired however feared and worried despite the obvious tidal pull between the bodies. It takes a physicist to recognize the powers at play. Exponential release and logarithmic acceptance bring the two together, especially after the acknowledgement of the processes which shake the universe, shiver the backbone of the planets, and tickle the womb of the stars.

We spoke of our fears. Clouds drifted calmly over the plane of dreams, but the stars shimmered through the blanketing fluff of infatuation. In each other’s arms, we felt the subtle beat of our hearts flickering brightly between the ticking fingers of solar flares. Warmth encompassed our breath as the words timidly crested our lips: future roads unfold with every moment, premonition like reveries speak of solidarity, apprehension holds back complete abandonment of barriers. A volcano threatens to consume our perception in a fiery torrent of unstoppable magnetism. He squeezed my hand in comfortable recognition.

Whispered words filter through the quiet atmosphere. “I feel the same way.” I felt a smile encroach worry’s dominion and settle the hurtling chasm within my heart. Gravity had brought two comparable enigmas in synchronous orbits to share the revitalizing electromagnetic beauty of healing souls. The trail felt ominously coherent and revealing of truths buried deep in integrals of the deepest emotions. Though the footsteps are laden with lithe beauty, the burden of pasts dedicate the yearning premonition of intertwining fluxes between the two forces of non-linear dynamics reverberating in a darkened room.

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