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Friday, January 7, 2011

Response to Nocuous Accusations


Me? Backpedal over a compliment. It's not my fault the perceptions of the aforementioned, once viewed through a lens built of obvious preconceived notions, appear to be a stabbing pain of traumatic juxtaposed images. Perhaps I should simply desist from giving compliments. Forget reading about how to give a decent compliment; if you don't like them, forget them as soon as they leave my mouth.

Let me rewind.

I love Bones. It's an amazing movie based (however loosely) on the life of Kathy Reichs. The characters on Bones are beautifully played and wonderfully written to emphasize the dynamics of the relationships within a work place where everyone has a different field (personality wise and career wise). It's truly amazing.

Now... one of my favorite characters, though not my favorite overall, is Jack Hodgins (the bug and slime guy). To me, he's attractive, smart, charming, funny, and a little broken (which is explained throughout the series). I compared a great friend of mine to this lovely character, because my friend is a very lovely person as well and deserves the compliment of being compared to a one Jack Hodgins. Apparently, this came off as being quite insulting. I do not apologize for giving this compliment of juxtaposition. It just happens that the comparison was thus marked because both Hodgins and my friend work in very similar fields which made the leap that much easier; and perhaps a little bit of his attitude is easily compared as well. This isn't to say that my friend has an anger management problem and has trouble dealing with stupidity around him, but to me they are both very witty and fun!

With this all said... I do happen to remember a little conversation in which the badgering of a certain aspect of my soccer attire convulsed into a verbal bashing which ended with declaring my appearing overweight. Yes... I said that in a very convoluted way... TO EMPHASIZE! I know I'm not fat... but my yellow (yes yellow) soccer cleats do NOT make my legs look fat... If anything does, it's my shin guards, which are required... and that's a good thing too. Hurt, right here, in my heart. (Perhaps I'm fishing for a compliment here myself). And this paining transpired on the same day as the aforementioned compliment. (Which is funny that my other friend, who also committed the atrocious accolade, was not mentioned)

As I have stated clearly in a few posts back my New Years Resolution of highest priority is to be completely honest with everything in my life. Here I work forward from there: I stand by my compliment. There is no need to backpedal because where the compliment comes from is a sincere, genuine, and loving place. To be compared to a beloved icon is an honor. I seem to remember a sincere comparison of me to a psychopathic, transgendered murderer... repeatedly compared... as a compliment... And I took little offense, though I found it strange; but have since embraced it.

Anywho... I think I've said my share... Love you C!

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