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J Hart F

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yes... ?

     be     longing
                 b       k
             e      o      n
                         dec red
     =I < / 3 :
selfish, desired, c
     in     my     < / 3

to want want want!  ::scream::
          his ______ .
                                       Can I
                           For me?
Not       love
            want...  ?

1 comment:

  1. No....?
    Broken dreams lead to broken screams
    upon the broken glass of realities blasphemes
    that disguise the broken dreams as the ever present
    masochistic ants pushing pulling pushing pulling lifting working
    day in and day out
    until the time comes to dream but when they do
    dream dreamy dreams of broken realities
    cycles cycle information that leads to action within the cycle
    reality is an unbreakable box
    Ultimate reality is the answer.
    Not love not joy not peace not sadness not distain.
    Answer your broken dream, or buy some Duct tape.