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J Hart F

Friday, May 14, 2010


Invaded and pillaged; such an odd sense to a word whose origins must stem from dismemberment. Now it's a digital horror to be hacked, security bypassed and individuality violated by someone who maliciously seeks a pretty penny for their pocket. Perhaps I provided them a slight relief, yet I know not how the opportunity was provided. I thought my steps were protected and agile, my method smart and careful.

Technology is not my strength, and I've never pretended it was. I know how to operate within this frame of existence, but it brings such a woe and despair when something so cherished is thoroughly changed and the ability to enjoy it is lost. Worse yet: I wish to have a source to blame, though I know this satisfaction will never be had. Blame is left to me, for surely my actions, however naive, allowed for this circumstance to occur.

Now I wait for authorities to tell me my next actions. Time is slipping by like the wind over a river. I sat by the river and wept my sorrows, dry emotionless tears dropping only in my mind. Doubtless rage flared like a gentle blanket: it's materialistic and vain to rampage when only time and patience will ensure a reprieve from the injustice. Authorities like these are friendly to their patrons, and I have been loyal for quite some time.

A lesson was learned, and not the kind about technological security and the want of my electronic game world... I'm peacefully accepting the moment as an event like a footfall instead of a Hiroshima. My life is enjoyable despite the lack of play and I'm find with the ticking I must endure.

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