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J Hart F

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Moment is Coming.

Will we be ready for it? Certainly is a matter of vigilantly preparing for its coming; suburban life is no better than city, and maybe no better than farm life, but its proximity is preferred to succumb to it. This commitment is suppose to build two into a unit to strive for a golden living. At least in America, this is true. Virtue is bestowed to it, pomp and circumstance tied irrevocably to it. Exorbitant amounts of cash flow, yet the moment lasts maybe two weeks of an entire lifetime. Such a moment profoundly degenerates the human experience into vows that block the full existence of experience; but we'll strive to fulfill them despite nature. But there is a symbol which resists scrutiny, in my eyes; the circlet of life binding love in an elegant and beautiful relic which, can if its meaning fades, will still hold power until its smelting down to the bare elements. This exchange, sans the ritual, is honest. Perhaps we can stand before the alter with that. Will we be ready?

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