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J Hart F

Monday, May 10, 2010



Sounds so odd to say it. Recovery. Especially after so many experiences wrought with anger and suffering through stress and tears. Recovery. Not to mention the fear. It also brings peace in some strange fashion; smoothing the surface to hide the damage of the past, hoping for a joyous return that was missed to begin with. How can all of it possibly return to a state of normality after the treasures were ripped away without remorse or morals. Well, perhaps they thought their morals were being judged by an ethical standpoint from higher powers manipulating regulations to ensure a specific outcome whereby damaging several people's survival.

I'm in peace.

Even that statement feels like a load of shit. There's no peace while I feel such... dislike, if not hatred. No, hatred gives them too much power over me; move than their obvious monetary stronghold on my soul. But I can say I'm in recovery. And that where I am is still a touchy thought. Loyalty begs me leave. Loyalty exists not where I am. Loyalty to myself tells me to try. Thus staying feels disloyal and right.

I despise the situation.

Step one achieved.

I'm truly happy with my life and can overcome this dissension in emotions.

Step two?

I commit to surviving and striving for a better environment.

Step three.

I will be honest with myself and the people who I interact with. Honest with a sense of respect and dignity that these circumstances warrant despite the tumultuous events which shaped this outcome. All they need do is ask.


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