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Monday, May 3, 2010

Trigonometry Inspirationals

Mathematics allows for the complex to be unreal, imaginary or simply impossible. 'i' for example is the square root of -1, which cannot exist but does. It's existence is contingent on me writing, thinking about or working with it. Sure mathematically it does not exist because the variable of the square root of -1 does not compute in any equation other than Euler's Formula (which I still don't fully comprehend).

If the two universal languages are Math and Music, it seems these both harbor universal truths. Math allows for the implementation of imaginary numbers to produce real numbers which work in the real world. Simple enough, right? Well how does this relate to the world we live in? What 'complex' or 'imaginary' occurrences help connect two thoughts, events, or realities in a workable and realistic manner?

One which I cling to is magic. True magic which may seem lost but exists to believers; not that 'hocus-pocus' magic magic we see on TV or at shows. magic is explainable within a frame of reality that exists in 'otherness' or 'imagination'. Therefore, it is 'complex' or, to use the mathematical terminology, 'imaginary.' Remember, the square root of -1 is a usable, substantially important number (imaginary yet real) that allows for real numbers to occur. Then Magic is a usable, substantially important thing that allows for reality to occur.

In the same breath, I think of God. Perhaps I say 'God,' but I'm using this word to invoke a greater sense of Divinity which exists for all peoples and religions. All people literally meaning ALL PEOPLE. This Divinity may be the simplest example of scientific fact (as the Earth is round) to the most complex idea (atoms are made of yet even smaller particles we will never see with the naked eye); however it does include Deities of every religious background. Divinity may be consciousness, God, Goddess, Gaia or merely the Sun. Lets allow God to symbolize all these things. God is not provable without doubt; we have not seen God (aside from the Sun for those who believe thus). However, this God is used to explain the existence of many things. Is it not a 'complex' idea which creates a real answer? Then, using mathematical terminology, is it not an 'imaginary' value which sustains reality as we see it? (Don't take me wrong, I believe in the existence of Divinity, God, Goddess, etc., as a fact for all who believe; as I surely believe. I'm just thinking openly and freely.)

But then we must look at reality. Is 'reality' as a word indicative of a substantiated, tangible object? Or is it a complexity to explain the existence of the individual and unique thoughts we have? And if this is the case, can we not add even more complex existences to influence the perception we have over the dominion we are given? Whereby altering what we KNOW is reality to be something different? Ok... Now I'm just imagining a different reality in which I'm not thoroughly convinced is even possible.

Perhaps these thoughts are better had by the enlightened. I certainly don't feel enlightened for thinking about them, that's for sure. But it feels like a truth that I cannot shake. If mathematics is so precise, yet it contains these imaginary/complex numbers in its arsenal, then why is the perceived reality any different? Or is it even any different than the math we so futilely cling to as the foundation for this reality?

Here I go again...

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