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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Awoken Witch (Part 1)

Part 1:
The Bird

Looking up, the clock said 3:33 in an ominous tone, the colon blinking idly as the seconds slipped in and out of existence trailing the numbers till the third 3 switched over to 4. Claire suspected this moment was like any other minute that happened to read 3:34 on a beautiful afternoon at the beginning of summer. A gentle breeze blowing across the green plains outside her window, grabbing the branches of her aspens which provided a minimal amount of shade to filter the sun's brightness. The aspens' leaves flashed between their dark and soft greens, winking to say "We know something, and always will, that you don't know."

Claire swore she could hear them, but assumed it was her bored, yet content, mind wandering down a magical avenue where life was always interesting. She remained sitting in front of her window, watching the leaves wink and the tall blades of green grass sway. Already the hint of brown crept along the base of the grass: signs of the heat which would certainly overwhelm everyone who lived in such a beautiful place. Balance to one paradise.

She looked at the clock. It still read 3:34 even though she felt like it should have moved on. Her eyes wandered back out the window to her view of the aspens against a backdrop of plains and mountains covered in the bast growth of the spring rains which seemed to never end this year. Winter snows persisted on falling even into May; which was certainly odd but not unheard of. These phenomenons simply helped keep what would end up a dry land moist.

A black bird flew into view, soaring with a large wingspan. Claire didn't know much about birds, had never really cared to investigate them much, but something about the bird looked extremely strange. For one thing, its large wings didn't tip upwards at the ends, like she had seen many eagles' wings do on the Science Television. These wings, though beautifully crafted, were straight, narrow, and jet black. The bird landed underneath a large tree whose canopy stretched wide and provided far more shade than Claire's aspens.

Claire looked back at the clock. When the colon reappeared, the new number came into existence as it should have.

When she looked back out the window to see the bird, a man stood underneath the tree. His shape seemed squarely pointed toward Claire and he seemed a little stooped or old. Claire noticed the tall blades of grass all around him vibrating violently as if a series of miniature tornadoes swept all around him. The wind spread across the plains and some of it ripped its way up the hill to Claire's house.

And when the aspens outside her window began to whisper, Claire swore they said, "Claire. It is time to awaken to the powers of the Land. You will know us when we come."

With very little thought and a chest that felt crammed into a corset, Claire escaped her bedroom with the beautiful Coloradan view of green fields and a old man standing underneath a tree. Moments later, the man seemed to jump to the air and soar away, having magically transformed into a giant black bird.

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty, and a little creepy. I say a little creepy because I'm terrified of crows and such.
    But creepy is good! Like Poe! (Who I half-heartedly blame for my slight fear)
    Do you know that Poe wrote a short story called "The Gold Bug" that was about the Goldsmith Beetle? I caught some in Mississippi and brought them back to work. They mysteriously disappeared out of their vivarium I set up for them. All I could find was aspen leaves. Which is all Goldsmith Beetles eat.

    Was I able to come full circle with your story by way of my nerdy knowledge of bugs? Yes. Because I? Am badass. Teehee

    Good work Josheleh. But where might my promised installment of The Changed Earth be?

    Don't make me ramble until one appears . . .
    I just might

    (I really have no life, huh.)