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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Last of June

The last day of June comes early this year: stars twinkling magically, the eastern sky transforms into the morning twilight, slowly the roads begin to be laden with poisonous monsters. I get to witness this last of the month for my last open at the last job I'll allow to diminish my spirit. This last is the lasting first whose lessons are deeply ingrained unconsciously, filtered purposefully, and challenged unwillingly. Saying goodbye to the treacherous June is difficult, though I'm glad to see it disappear into the impossible heap of the past. I care deeply for the spirits who've affected me, as I've seen my effect on them. Their surprised eyes, shocked exclamations, and disbelieving postures create a cavity in my heart that the new challenges will leave unfulfilled for a while yet to come.

I can no longer stay with June. As time turns tramatically through the sky, so shall the inevitable changes in place, effort, struggle, and passion. The carefully placed decisions on a divinely inspired path are leading me on to July, when the heart of battle leads to its climax and will end after August. It must, for the void must be filled and my spirit redeemed in order for my personal success to be attained. July and August might even worsen the sinkhole in the village where emotional despair rains from perfectly clear blue skies. The image of which damages the foresight in recovery because the happiness which comes with leaving June is battered by the storms left so far behind. Hindered doubts forget the causes, but the dampness steams in open daylight as the droplets persist.

Magic in the mind, danger for the heart, and reality for the moment. the next two months will either strengthen or break my resolve in so many areas; three to be exact. Two of which I'm unwilling to let bend to the necessities circumstances will certainly ensue. My armor is set, eyes aglow with fiery determination, hand clenched around my wand and sword, feet planted in the soggy aftermath of the past six years. The mountains ahead obscure my path, though I know the twists and turns unfalteringly. The war will not break me, nor shall it last my entire journey to enlightenment.

Light crests the jagged peaks as June finally begins its end! I begin to see the trials of the mountains for what they are, as I've already noticed in the desperation of my detachment from the past; however, the descent into July is not the formation of a new chapter along the way. It's merely another page in the torturous manner life finds when times are easier than anticipated. Enriching the experience of enlightenment by way of coercing the steepness into the light to grow even higher with rose bushes along the way. My duty is to enjoy the climb, relish in its steadfast difficulty, learn from the causes and reasons which logic forbade teaching in simple ways. Perhaps the armor will need to be relinquished for a gentler ascent, or the readiness of defense lost for the encroaching open arms of forgiveness. The fiery presence of my eyes may lose their glow as they scan the shortsighted horizon for symbols of my path. These things cannot be known yet; but the figure stands strong regardless.

And the path dries with each footfall, leaving darkened prints where my feet spread the moisture methodically. Already knowing that June is almost ended, even with the possibilities July and August bring, my burden feels lighter. Knowledge is increasingly attainable with decisions to leave this time, with an unknown future placed before me only the goal is known.

For now, the mountains lead my vision and address my attention. Perhaps a vale will appear soon to lessen the hardship and relieve the pit of anguish leaving loved ones behind created. This I hope, but do not plan, for. Thus, the shield of promises to myself is placed around me, and the eyes remain forewarned, and my hands hold fast to their objects of protection, while my feet move steadily on and on.

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  1. I don't know what to say.

    If I thought I had it in me I would cry for you.