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J Hart F

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Correspondence with the Self (1)

Dear Me, or whom it may concern;

There lies a fork in the road. Drastic, isn't it? Something you've desired on this road that goes ever on and on. Accepting where your feet have tread gives you perspective that mountainous trails forbade; and now the path ahead appears simplistic and peaceful. Yes, those are hills that undoubtedly exist on any chosen way. You've dealt with worse, as seen by the adventures past, and now those lessons beneficially alter your time with this path and may permit a certain comfort with vital experiences you crave.

But this new path arrives in a perfect time, a perfect condition, and with perfect wind. What will you do? This new way connects with the one you left years ago for this enlightened life. You know its ways, its faults, the tricks of light and whispers in the wind. Beyond a thick of trees, dense and dark as the night sky, the new fork runs onward.

You're standing there, torn as you should be. To immerse yourself backwards into a realm that has hurt on so many levels or trudge ahead until yet another opportunity arrives is what spins your emotions blindly. What will you do?



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