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J Hart F

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Correspondence with the Self (2)

Dearest Alexi;

The words I've written are indeed intriguing and accurate, and further more strikes at anguish voiced only to those I trust. But none so far understand to the fullest what I feel now, accept me. My dilemma more accurately, hindsight in tow:

1) This path is dirty, soiled with deceit and repercussions undeserved; where the ones at fault walk free and full of righteousness. Moral and ethical flares fly frequently, warning me to watch every footfall and beware of every motion around me: few are trustworthy.

2) This fork I've described is familiar, too much so. There is endless trust and support for the life I want to live. But my heart beats fervently with regret, anger, doubt... just thinking about walking this path through the woods. Memories are painful.

3) Another option exists that requires patience, I know. Another path, another fork, another choice still looms in the distance at some unforeseen hill just before danger and disaster. Either way, this new opportunity, I know, will be available on either path I choose from this immediate decision that I must make. Its potential outweighs both here now.

What will I do? What I have always done and choose what seems most appropriate and easiest and believe in the sight I know. Storm clouds linger in the west, sunny mornings remain in the east, and where my feet continue on is directionless at the moment. I know what I have said, I know what I need. I know what is meant by the choices I make. Moving one foot forward, I've made my choice.

Mine Evermore.

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