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J Hart F

Monday, June 21, 2010

Somebody Save My Life

The thread passed from my hand out into the endless ocean stretched before me. Its sinewy length joined the waves in gentle rushes as the waters pulled at my heart. An open sky above reflected the azure depths swelling with anticipation of a sublime force crafted by the very nature it destroys. The thread leads me on, pulls my mind into the open waters as thought my foundation were degrading to marshland covered in its presence; yet I pull the path away slowly in attempts of inevitable failure to change how the oceans force the thread to and fro. Its sinewy length reflects the tedious emotions rising inside my heart; but the strength of my resolve holds these fears aside and my steadied hands reach further into the clear blue waters drifting by. An open mind breathes sighs of relief with every movement deeper into the lost seas, searching endlessly for a spark to generate the necessary strength to pull myself along with the thread leading me on.

And the ground has left me, the sky moves ever on ahead, and the clouds descend like waterfalls crashing upon the waves. I am lost to the sea as the sea has been to me. Beyond comprehension reality beckons footfalls into the bottomless ocean while my hands hold tight to the slithering vine eons ahead in its lengths. And the ground finds me, hard and broken with the dryness of circumstance. I am lost in a desert of mourning, the blood red sun drowning my presence of mind to swim and bathe in the clarity of the ocean. Beyond comprehension remains knowledge of this challenge spread vastly before me: a world hurt by oppressive winds, scorching fires, and dried earth where no depth of oceans dare challenge the authority of this supposed environment.

Sublimity afflicting unreasonable trials upon the consciousness of imaginations.

I stumble ahead. Thread in hand. Waiting for chances to redeem the decisions of others forced upon myself. Searching for the oceans once more to be lost in.

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