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You have entered the realm of my mind where words play with the fabric of our existence. This is the map of my imagination: the very foundations of inspiration, musing, and thought splayed for your wandering eyes. Dive deep into the tides of these forces and experience my reality, my fantasy, my world; and if you should be so inclined, share your words with this land.

Peace and Love!

J Hart F

Friday, June 25, 2010

In Memoriam

Saying goodbye to her is saying goodbye to a mother whose limitless love reached beyond her family and made so many people feel welcome into her life. Her spirit gave her husband and five children lives full of beautiful memories of the hardworking, caring person that she was. Even in the darkest times of stress, doubt, or worry, she exemplified an outlook on life that always knew things would get better. This attitude she shared with everyone who knew her; and with that we have learned to honor her life by remembering the drive to give positivity to everyone who meets us.

Her life was full of stories. Wherever we saw her, she always had a story ready for the world. These tales told of her life and her children, of the fantasies written in beautiful prose, and the experiences viewed through her eyes of wisdom. Her fable is left to teach the world of the honesty of love, the experience of motherhood, the trials of existence, and the affect of passion touching the soul. With appreciation and love, we will take her memory and write our lives with the knowledge her experience has shaped our world for the better.


  1. Beautiful, Josh.

  2. Thank you. I think my computer got a little wet while I was working on it.

    I love you Chappie!