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Peace and Love!

J Hart F

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tortured Thoughts

Delicate ambition searing a gentle way
forgetting balanced sight along with love.
Hearts rushing to accept battered emotions
which play hopscotch in the corridors of
Carefully betraying concise disciplined
reason for unabated haste in choices
beside the need for a comfortable environment.
Alas, harkening purity for the stasis
in my time there cannot be cascades of
snow berating shortsighted heart filled
emotions, whom certainly carry weight
regarding decisions affecting the course of

To be living in a mass of thoughts without
gentle breezes of conflict strengthening
considerate thoughts of the emotional
well being thereof is simplified only by
juxtaposed words to the trustworthy.
Herein lies the decisions which
even when honesty exists through and through.
On and on balancing acts continue
for the principle of selfishness
in order to be truly, unabashedly
Deliver such considerations in
modes of sincerity and the Air
breathes sighs of jubilation.

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