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Peace and Love!

J Hart F

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Letter of Love


And the name need not be said,
for those whose hearts are mourning
care only for the dead.
Winter's grasp has joined the mind
wherever souls are gentled
with careful motions hard to find
in terms of selflessness.
Speak love and tears flow freely
knowing purity in this
the hug is broken to the caution
of sobs coming and going.
Dare it not to think of one
when holding out the hand
for faeries long to comfort those
mourning on the land.

The words that come are tortured truth
tell tales of better ways
lost behind the soul of youth
returned to peaceful life.
This family whose world affects our thoughts
has lost their loving wife,
and we as souls reaching out
affirm our endless love.
We give you room to shout!

Here we stand for you, our love
and hope to help your heart.
Believe the deepest of your love
has given her to serenity.

In loving memory, we mourn with you.
As love has touched our ability
to feel what we can do.


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