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Peace and Love!

J Hart F

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finding Motivation

A desperate cry to myself
in the echoing halls of silence
beckons me to live!
Like aliens forging ahead
to a future of unkowns where
fear controls their motions.
Like lonely givers who're
pushed to bring life
at costs unfathomable.
Like innocence, abandoned,
hoping for a break from
the tortured hardship of life.

A desperate cry to myself
yearns to open my eyes
to draw my hands in
motions to change. The darkest
trials of others whose
strength hardens their faces
to forget smiles
and laughter in their eyes.
I am not that strong;
needing to strive in
turmoil and find answers
without solid foundations.

This land of dreams tells
them to go, gives them hope
in fantasy and burns reality.
This land of opportunity
donates hardship dolefully
yet decides it's better than...
My eyes open to emptiness
and my heart pours to fill.

A desperate cry to myself
echoes of opened words
suddenly full of life.
Motivation bounding like
waves of rain crashing on
mountain tops and bringing
the floral essence of vanity to
fingertips drawing symbols
longing to touch the world.
I push myself to birth
my life the way I want
knowing hardship is not
before me like others who
succeed in dreams they hold.

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