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J Hart F

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cognizance of Adurous Refrain, In Three Parts.

Thoughts are perilous,
changing every moment of every moment.
and treacherous.
My rose blooms where it can't,
where it shouldn't even,
when it wants.
blue staring heartily.
Laughter intent for joy
and friendship is all I have
Perhaps deeper chasms of souls
tirelessly strive for more.
Souls no doubt sing differently
than ever our voices can say.
of the Tower,
stability of acumen lost to sea
when I can't help but
how it could be for me.
Swaddled in new modes of
where they once slept in water;
dreamt in fantasies of fear.
Could it be possibly
in smiles of friendship where
this is forbidden?

The Mist clings amongst trees,
shrouding greenery with grey.
Shadows stir as footsteps carry
the walker through the pillars
built to support everlasting
Roots deep within cling
to a past of scarred Earth.
They grow upwards starkly
grasping for air unfettered
by mist.
Sunless glades suffocate minds
trying desperately to understand.
Where do these awarenesses
from, to cling to the
bark of obelisks
the baldachin of protection against
A Torch!

Flaming from eye to mind,
mind to body, body to
Inflamed, so overwhelmed
by what is before;
to what is seen and felt
and had,
or not.

Take away what you want:
self, me, love, hate!
Douse the desert stripped bare,
gazing endlessly into the
blue of blue;
the windows to the soul.

Oh soul, take my hand,
take my temple away from
Take away, just take...
Blow far the love that
blooms on cacti
vibrantly erect.

From mind to body,
body to eyes...
Away with you!
With you,

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