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J Hart F

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Show Goes On.

The curtains are still closed before you. Rustling programs and hushed voices of an eager audience are heard through the thick black drapes. You're nervous, like anyone would be, ready to put on a character and play in front of seven hundred peers who might be harsher judges than you truly care to have. After all, they're there to see a production perfectly choreographed and constructed in two month's time by students. These few precious seconds before the curtains are drawn and the spotlight turns on you and the audience's attention snaps into focus, these few seconds are to relax and focus on your purpose: to play a part, to play!

Dimming lights signal the beginning. Senses push into overdrive. The faint smells of sawdust lift to your nose. The plastic overtones of your cakey stage make-up permeate through your skin. Your cloths are hot, itchy, restricting. The curtain's blackness surrounds you. Sweat trickles from your armpit down your side, and you dare not move to stop it for fear of being seen by the audience. "This is your moment," Mrs. G's words say from a distance. "You're ready. I'm so proud of you. Now go have fun!" And the curtains creep open, leaving you alone in front of hundreds of people, your heart pounding against your chest. Even with the fear, your first line comes out of your mouth as if someone else has taken control.

And then you're free, at home, comfortable, alive. The show goes on.

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  1. I remember you playing the cowardly lion. You had wonderful poise. I thought then that you would do some acting, and that you would be good in front of people. A mother's bias? I think not.