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J Hart F

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Transgender Inspire

Natasha now Tash would let us all be
and welcome us home to a land of the free
where gender is lost and two become one
and never are people aloud be made fun.

The boys will be boys and always the girls
and girls will be power still filled with their curls
where pants are made skirts and blouses are gone
and dresses upon any won't be forced on.

Neutral are visions the sexes who have
embodied the gender of organs be halved
Hedwig who sang of a love of ourselves
pull down these harsh labels like dusty old shelves.

Deep inside types of the sex we can see:
women who walk so delicately;
strength over wisdom with increasing age
for men who berate with furious rage.

That's where Natasha now Tash became lost
in her womanly form that he would accost.
Perilous choices of permanent change
to alter the fixtures of sexes we stage.

The wall can be busted, Tash give us your mind
and walk us to heaven where bodies are blind
where I am not he nor a she but one whole
who's filled with the essence of truth to behold.

(Written 3/19/09)


  1. The way you accentuated this a journey, of self discovery and courage, makes me very optimistic that others can learn to see those traits as well.

  2. Gasp! This totally made me think of "The Origin of Love" and then I saw the name Hedwig and I let out my high pitched girl squeal. The "gay gasp" if you will. I peed a little.