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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To A Better Life: Choice.

Deciphering the difference between choice and necessity, whether referring to hunger, thirst, work or any determinable necessity, is quite hard. Having such a definition is vital for the perception of actions which, therefore, affect the given mood. Where after this mood is acquired, the procession of the day is thus affected and can either hinder or better life in fragile moments. Can the subtle yet vast difference between choice and necessity be overcome in the presence of adversity, health, disaster and work? It most certainly can, and life will be all the better for it, choosing the choice in actions.

But first must be known the occurrence of the options, in order for perception to be altered. The one lease discussed is when both choice and necessity are hand in hand: jump away from a boulder moving toward at fast speeds. Though this is arguable that choice here still remains separated from necessity, the argument is mute if life is to be preserved (and only when the individual is involved, as this discussion will assume throughout). However, the most influential moments for choice to positively change mood most certainly occurs at work, where the perception of necessity goes only so far as to maintain the employment status. Enlightened individuals enjoy work and thus choose to go through the motions with little hindrance of negativity, though this obstacle still arises from time to time without doubt. Even with the occurrence of negativity the choice remains to acknowledge its presence and influence in life and allowing it to consume or overtake. This is where choice, down to a basic level, has the largest affect over the ongoing relationship with the world. Choosing happiness over sorrow. Choosing hatred over love. Choosing judgment over acceptance. A person's association with another is the catalyst to the availability of moments individuals come across. Most are dangerously short and inspire radical swings in mood. Here enlightenment can dictate the largest difference.

Wake up late from a restless night's sleep, stub a toe on the bed frame, arrive to work where customers are mean and pushy, the computer shuts down unexpectedly, someone berates vehemently about the lack of outstanding customer service provided, drop and break the cell phone that has important contacts on it that aren't easily replaced, get home to cat puke or dog shit in the living room, the cable's out, and dinner gets burned in the oven (and it was a wonderful and expensive cut of meat)! This list of events doesn't provide very much joy in life, and after the first few have occurred it may be harder and harder to find the strength or desire to choose happiness when anger, bitterness, upset and frustration are readily at hand. These are the tests, the items to surmount and leave behind with little scars upon the psyche. This test is passable, even with the trials stacked so thoroughly in almost every moment and aspect of the day. Choose to accept the lack of sleep as an impediment which alters the awareness of the world. A stubbed toe is but a few moment's pain, and subsides considerably as time goes on; even the lingering pain doesn't impeded the normal function of a foot, unless the toe is broken (in which case the doctor's office is an acceptable excuse to miss work which may, in fact, be a blessing in disguise). Viewing customers as individuals full of emotional, mental, physical baggage helps to humanize their responses to the world, and can allow for the acumen that their tone and demeanor has nothing to do with the given situation. Choosing love, in the instances where customers are miserly, will actually have a larger and more gratifying effect on them (usually causing a self-realization which gives them the permission to look at their own actions and influences upon the people around them). The list continues, and constantly has an advantage to the undesirable route.

What if necessity requires an action so disgustingly demeaning that its affect is strongly geared to upset the individual. Name-calling, as an instance, in degrading tones and fashions is meant to inspire negative effects. Having many years of personal experience allows a certain understanding of the deeper reactions someone goes through when a degrading name is thrown at him/her. Choice here is difficult, and takes a calming moment before perspective can be given. After those vital breaths have been taken, the mind cleared of immediate anger, hatred and upset (as there most likely will be), then the choice to acknowledge the taunting person is available. Several options are available: respond in the same fashion as his/her tone and words have indicated, respond in a friendlier fashion which still jabs at his/her personality or reasoning in using such language, acknowledge their presence and walk away, or simply continue about the daily business without any further thought of that particular individual. The actions in this moment, both internal and external, are vital in the procession of mood. Necessity would dictate that the emotion be felt as it was delivered vocally from the opponent. The choice in this case how the recipient accepts such words.

Choosing rather than accepting necessity is an everyday occurrence which changes the perception of daily activities and gives value to the actions everyone takes. The more appealing the activity and its outcome, the higher the chance of happily accomplishing the activity or accepting the outcome. So, choose to do the things in life that are being done! Don't let a job dictate the necessity of the moment. Simply let work provide instances of choice, and choose. Choose happiness, love, joy, acceptance, and everything else that makes enjoyment easily at hand.

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