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J Hart F

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Light does it make if that which sees it is blind?

What Light does it make if that which sees it is blind? And ever seen does this light inherit the boldest verity to surpass all dubiety in the situation? For certain is the paramour of paramount ability to supply verve in occasions most darkened. However, to an attention beyond acknowledgment of period pro tem, or any period pro tem sincerely, it's offered a light behind a palm, flickering of refutation but beckoning the hand be moved from place. Then the blind must open, accept and believe in ways of much trouble. For harkened souls to a light such desired, which flickers a dance of passion, seem to falter in the vivacity of Light which pours into existence from darkened places, hidden paths. Does fire exist for life's inner darkness, or is it the warmth of blood trickling from the heart?

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