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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is Humanity Really This Irredeemable? I think not...

It has been brought to attention the perceived actions of individuals in the eyes of two people recently, and through both of them I became extremely disheartened by their view towards others' actions. I don't believe people are as these two individuals presented over the past twenty-four hours, but it was hard not to notice their emotions and disbelief.

First: Last night a woman came in who was arguably going through the roughest time of her life. Her father had recently had back surgery and lost his vision. She is therefore taking care of him and trying to help him move on with his life, continue to be happy. However, her father's outlook to life has diminished considerably. He is cynical of the world, of what he has lost, of how he is now disabled and unable to do the things he loves without help. He use to be a doctor in Boulder, which might be adding to his frustration in loosing his vision because of a procedure he couldn't perform on himself. Thus, this woman is being dragged down by the almost constant supply of negativity. Her own outlook towards life and humanity seemed to be driven into the depths. With very little prompting, she divulged her disgust at how someone could steal her wallet and take everything she had and how no one seemed to care, no one understood what she was dealing with and how hard it was. The list goes on. One of my favorite customers was in line right behind this woman when she went off. His outlook to life is almost the polar opposite of hers (at least as I perceive it). When the opportunity arose, he immediately began comforting her, giving her inspiration, being there with her and for her; paid for her drink and gave her five dollars to be able to get home or buy dinner or something (regardless his intention was to make sure she was able to get home, able to be taken care of, able to be inspired and happy). When he left, the female customer came over to me, dumbfounded that anyone would do that. She was almost in shock that someone would willingly give her money to help out with something. Her attitude was of denial and of upset that this kindness was 'put unto her,' or something along those lines. It was...strange to hear her speak the way she was. I haven't been around someone so jaded, if that's the right word.

Second: While waiting with the deposit today for work, I heard a man behind me exclaim "Oh thank God! I thought someone would have taken it all..." to which I turned around to see him counting four twenty dollar bills and some odd amount of change he had obviously left behind at the self-check lanes. Arguably, eighty-plus dollars would be tempting to most people, especially if it was just sitting there in the change slot at a register. But my mind process would be to give it to the clerk attending the area, let them know it was sitting there and see if someone would return for it (which he did). I know most people might not thing like I do, but to have someone's day so unsettled by the prospect of losing the money was upsetting to me.

I live in a good area. The crime rate seems low, people are kind and friendly (at least to your face; who knows when they aren't around you). Since the mall was built some six years ago...perhaps seven, I can't remember... the population has been steadily rising and that drives the social dynamics apart even more, bringing in wealthier people and poorer people looking for jobs. And perhaps there is stigma when that happens that my town is suddenly tainted by the poor (I don't hold this belief, I'm just assuming and musing to how people's interpretations of others is. I'm certainly one of these poor people, going to school full time with some accumulated debt I'm trying to slowly pay off working part time at a coffee shop). Maybe, however, everyone's attitude about the economic downturn has turned their thoughts to what money they can conceivably protect.

I have a collective perspective for our communities, nation, world. We must all live together, be a part of a whole which supports and fulfills our dreams and needs. And if there is money sitting in front of me, I'm certainly not going to take it without attempting to find who it belongs to first. If there's someone in front of me who's going through a crappy time in life, I'm going to act like my favorite customer and help her out, try and let her vent and find release from her depressed time and hopefully be able to find a way to inspire her. These situations have suddenly made me wonder how many others would do the same things? Do what is morally or ethically proper and sound? I dunno, but I hope there are a lot of people. I know most of my friends would try, would make an attempt to live in a happier world.

Just some thoughts to think about...

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