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J Hart F

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Written Documentation of the Observations Witnessed and Realizations Prepared by Me: A Primate Living, Whether It Were, of His Own Accord

It had been like any other day, swinging freely through the trees, though I must acknowledge these trees had very little resemblance to the habitat remembered by myself. Unnatural, if I may say so, but the feel of their bark (smooth and sturdy) gave no substantiation to my uncertainties. Thus, my arms and legs grasped one limb subsequent to the other and I found my elation returning to me --

-- Until the invisible barrier slammed into me. Simply existing should have been an unknowable admonition to its self, but alas, it sits to this day exactly where I discovered it. Since its invention, for such a thing never existed to my memory (lest it grew miraculously from a new species I've never touched, seen, nor eaten), extraordinary events have ensued.

Fellow mates have arrived, each from a different family and tribe from other neighborhoods of the jungle. So far, nine have been enslaved behind these obstructions (Three others have been discovered while I deliberated over the imperceptible hindrance).

One day, a strangely situated cousin (for he only employed his rear extremities), who seemed to have doffed his fur in bizarre patterns, walked by on the opposite side of the invisible barrier! He paid little credence to our shouting for assistance, and continued on his way (impudent bugger). After the first outlandish one made his appearance, groups filtered by, each drastically dissimilar to ourselves as the former. And their actions, how uncanny! They point and laugh with little regard to our situation. I couldn't help myself: just the other day I threw feces at them.

Not to my remains in the air, stuck (as it were) to the impediment which entraps us.

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  1. I love! Feeling a little depressed that a simian's inner monologue demonstrates a better vocabulary than myself . . . still - I love. :)