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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Darkness in Balloons

Darkness. Existence solely built upon the periods of a battle won eons prior, forcing the ever difference between light and shadow. Condemnation articulated with clouds above, the wall breaking hopes built into twinkles from the heavens, holds apart the joyous rest from ability in present, where the journey home takes precedent to rejuvenation. This is the drive of being, the focus to which takes me away from days of longevity. A path before, which directs the cause, and the time, which focuses attention to where the cause must be.

There I stay, directed in darkness barely illuminated by my charge, eyes determined to remain alive when the light is nowhere else seen or believed. No assistance, save the beats of vibrations, break the desire to fall, though fallen of a sort has taken place thus far. The cherishment in responsibility is grown from boredom elsewhere, diverting the knowledge of happiness into rest while in life. Nevertheless, coordinating levels of wakefulness and understanding helps to sway the ever present doubt that the Fire may be swayed from darkness. I push my headlights to their brightest, allowing for that aid to brighten my path.

Stopping when forced into slower motion, I glance upon the morning horizon, where the Sun will break the night into splendor. The barrier against the stars spreads into a light film, as if the Will of Wind determined the break to occur then. A dissimilar brightness brightened the land around me, in tones of orange and brown: Her power stilted by position and the disgust of fumes hovering in the air. Still I waited at the crossroads to some paths uncared by myself, lest it be the way home. I look away from the sad display and focus on the road ahead.

Movement to my right, an object of dismal size bouncing ceaselessly in a fresh breeze never seen or known when in a position of my own, blocked away from the elements of the world. Glancing to understand teh source, carefully disguising from myself the apprehension felt deep within, a darkened balloon visibly mocked me. Its gallant trod upon the gravel seemed never to disturb its desire to continue. Across the road not traveled, no regards to laws enforced by distant bodies, the balloon danced. With black skin, a new depth in a world full of darkness thus far, the balloon took the beating from gravel and sand without dispersing the breath forced within. My own heart sank, dropping in a pit specifically grown for times such as these.

Drawing out a slow breath of my own, I tear my eyes away from the creature bouncing along with is visible dismay, believing ever that it would survive the night and find itself caught in a bundle of twigs along a brook not far distant. Green light flooded into the space around me, as acceleration enhanced the shortness between home and wehre I was. New clouds rolled in on the east, slowly converging its power over Hers in order to dominate anew. A different war with many battles whose victors hand off the title each different day, not caring of the simple war between Night and Day: the Light and Darkness of a soul bound from gayety. To never fall victim to the predator that remains deep within the chasm of the soul, the heart, the joy, the clouds must part by wind and tone, breaking the Light from its prison and shedding it upon the valley, whether dismal or crisp, so hope may clear the skies to illuminate the home and life of one who treads its path.

But questioning the home and end to a path, should it be stilled or continued for a view of the brook is only that which is made from it, but the flow inherent may be tormenting anew and take the trodden soul down even darker ways into Darkness. A never ending battle within the mind, determined eons ago for a chance for emotions to characterize the experience of life, both Light and Dark.

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